Communicating with Apple Watch Using Emojis

By Michael Rosa

Emojis are becoming an ever-increasing part of popular culture. These small graphic icons capture our feelings when words are difficult to express – or space is limited, like on the Apple Watch.

Communicating on the Apple Watch using emojis.

The Apple Watch is essentially a wearable extension of the iPhone. Instead of pulling the iPhone out of your pocket, you can simply check your wrist for updates (and the time).

However, the Apple Watch has a screen size of either 38mm or 42mm, so there isn’t much room to display a full text message. And without a keyboard, you’ll need to dictate a text via Siri and then convert it before sending it…which defeats the purpose of using the Apple Watch to expedite convenience.

According to a recent report, 74 percent of Americans used emojis in 2013, while 82 percent of China’s smartphone owners use them.

New emojis like these let Apple users express their emotions.

Talking with Pictures
Many civilizations have been built with languages “written” entirely from icons, or pictoglyphs. It’s a proven and almost universal form of communication. Apple’s iOS 8.3 update will add 300 new, culturally diverse emojis to its lineup.

Apple is attempting to make emojis more identifiable and acceptable with its users, and hopefully, helping them make the move to the Apple Watch easier. The Apple Watch will also offer app developers a fresh platform and new ways to hook users.

The Apple Watch is set to release in April, and there has been intense Apple app development for the new platform.