Adobe Celebrates 25 Years of Photoshop

By Ryan Koss

When Photoshop 1.0 first hit store shelves in 1990, no one (including creator Thomas Knoll) ever thought that it would become the household name that it is today.

The humble beginnings of Photoshop 1.0, the application that sparked a design revolution.

Twenty-five years later, people are still learning how to use Photoshop for a variety of reasons, both professional and personal. There are whole sites and Photoshop how to techniques dedicated to the software. There’s even a Photoshop Battles subreddit, where users can submit photos to a wide community of Photoshoppers and await the results.

Photoshop is a worldwide phenomenon.

The Evolution of Photoshop
Millions of users later, Photoshop has become synonymous with digital imaging by enabling artists to create their visions in the digital realm. The application has become a staple in the world of fashion design and modeling, as well as the photography, art and design industries, making Photoshop one of tech’s most powerful tools.

Photoshop has come a long way since its initial release in 1990. With more than 13 major version updates over 25 years, Adobe has transformed the application into the most intuitive design tool available. One of Photoshop’s strongest advantages lies in the dedicated team constantly working to evolve the platform.

We want to challenge the next generation of designers and artists, photographers and moviemakers to dream even bigger.

Adobe believes that today’s creators can #CreateTheNext masterpiece. Alex Amado, Adobe’s senior director of creative and media, stated, “We want to challenge the next generation of designers and artists, photographers and moviemakers to dream even bigger, and we’ll help them get there.”

Experts revisit Photoshop version 1.0 for a trip down memory lane.

After 25 years of Photoshop, Adobe continues to improve and innovate the application that has come to define graphic design. Watch the video above to see Photoshop experts ditch the Creative Cloud and struggle as they revisit Photoshop 1.0 in all of its original glory. Want to take a test drive? Visit the Computer History Museum and download the source code today.