Super Mario Bros. is Coming to Mobile

By Vince Matthews

Nintendo will be granting the wishes of gamers everywhere and bringing its videogame franchises like Super Mario Bros., Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda to mobile.

Nintendo announced it will work with Japanese mobile game company DeNA (pronounced DNA) to develop mobile games.

In app purchases? You can count on it. A Redditor teased this “leaked” screenshot of the first mobile Mario game.

DeNA, a Tokyo-based company, was founded in 1999 and has built a reputation as an innovative provider of mobile and online services. Nintendo, known for re-booting the home video game console market in the 1980s with the Nintendo Entertainment System, built its fortunes on family-friendly games.

Nintendo will take a 10 percent stake in DeNA and DeNA will get about 1.759 million shares, or 1.24 percent, of Nintendo. The acquisitions are said to be worth around 22 million yen ($182 billion).

The two companies are currently working together to build a global membership service that will replace Club Nintendo. That service is expected to roll out in Fall 2015. It’s unknown when the first mobile Mario game will be seen, but industry experts expect very soon.

And while the prospect of playing Kirby on an iPhone 6 should have you excited, Nintendo said gamers shouldn’t expect direct ports of games. The games for smartphones and tablets will be developed exclusively for mobile.

Smartphone Mario
Since the 8-bit days, Nintendo has vigorously policed its characters and games; Mario, Luigi and Link have only appeared on Nintendo-branded consoles. Knock-offs of Nintendo games have appeared in the past on the iOS platform.

Just imagine, right now, a software programmer is developing for iOS a Mario game so awesome you’ll take it with you everywhere.