Meet Meerkat, the Hottest App at SXSW

By Phill Powell

South by Southwest is the place to get noticed. Just ask the guys at Meerkat. Haven’t heard of Meekat? Don’t worry, you will.

meerkat-questionJust two weeks after its launch, Meerkat has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Meerkat is an app for the iOS that shares live streaming video through a Twitter feed. The app is super simple to use, as demonstrated by SXSW attendees that are using Meerkat’s one-button convenience to broadcast the cool happenings from the Austin conference – like the SXSW music headliners.

The app’s developers (Life On Air) named their creation after a species of South African mongoose that’s known for keeping constant watch on its surroundings and having the ability to successfully work in large groups. As its creator, Ben Rubin, said, “Meerkats move in colonies and they’re always alerted about what’s going on.”

Overnight Success
Just two weeks into its launch Meerkat has already logged somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 users, and hundreds of millions of clicks on links to Meerkat streams.

And although Meerkat may seem like a one-trick pony, there are many practical purposes for it:

  • Instant Press Conference Journalists, celebrities or just anybody with something to say can find a global podium with Meerkat.
  • Live News Feeds Breaking footage of any global event can now be broadcasted in real time…without any TV network needed.
  • Important Demonstrations Think “medical procedure,” especially where one doctor is consulting from a great distance, and there’s no elaborate electronic hook-up available.
  • Surprise Performances Modern stars crave having the element of surprise and Meerkat gives them an instant and inexpensive way to reward their fans with a private shout-out or even a command performance.
  • Product Demonstrations This might include everything from walk-throughs of houses for sale to demos of merchandise being auctioned off or sold online.

  • meerkatMeerkat has one primary function…broadcasting live, streaming video. But the applications for that function are practically endless.

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