Artificial Intelligence Milestones: Google’s Deepmind Plays Space Invaders

By Phill Powell

Researchers are calling it a milestone in Artificial Intelligence (AI): Google’s Deep-Q Network computer (the star of Google’s DeepMind project) has started learning how to play classic video games…and Deep-Q is beating every one of them.

An arcade classic, Space Invaders was no match against the Google Deep-Q Network computer, which plays the game 21 percent better than a pro gamer.

In some of the games, it was a pretty close contest, with the computer barely edging out the human player by a few percentage points. But then there were some ridiculous routs, where the computer was up to 24 times better than the human player.

The Google Deepmind computer beat these 22 classic Atari 2600 games and did it considerably better (note the percentage) than humans:

22. Freeway 2 percent
21. Kung-Fu Master 2 percent
20. Tutankham 12 percent
19. Beam Rider 19 percent
18. Space Invaders 21 percent
17. Pong 32 percent
16. Tennis 43 percent
15. James Bond 45 percent
14. Kangaroo 124 percent
13. Road Runner 132 percent
12. Assault 146 percent
11. Krull 177 percent
10. Name This Game 178 percent
9. Demon Attack 194 percent
8. Gopher 300 percent
7. Crazy Climber 319 percent
6. Atlantis 349 percent
5. Robotank 408 percent
4. Star Gunner 498 percent
3. Breakout 1,227 percent
2. Boxing 1,607 percent
1. Video Pinball 2,439 percent

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