Inside Apple’s New Headquarters

By Michael Rosa

What’s the best way to sneak a peek at Apple’s new campus, one of the most private locations in the tech industry? Check out this video from Youtube user MythiZ:

Showcasing some filmmaking and visual effects skills, the video delivers spectacular drone footage of Apple’s new mothership. More specifically, footage of the Cupertino, California, construction site, where the new campus is being built. The video was captured with a GoPro® HERO4 Black camera that was attached to a Tarot FY680 Pro Hexacopter.

Apple® hasn’t issued any public responses to rumors or addressed the drone footage of the new campus, and Apple’s not making it any easier to uncover any details. But that doesn’t mean everything is shrouded in mystery, as you can see from the video.

New Campus Specs
It’s incredible to see how much the new campus has progressed in only a year. When completed, Apple’s new campus will showcase some interesting and unusual details, like its round, donut-like shape:

  • Height: Four stories tall
  • Shape: A continuous mile-long circle. (A tribute to its previous address: “one infinite loop”?)
  • Parking: Parking for 13,000+ employee cars. To keep the campus beautiful, the campus will feature underground parking. (This also frees up space for landscaping the campus.)
  • Health Features: Fitness center and miles of pedestrian walkways, jogging areas and biking tracks weaving through 175+ acres.

A Greener Apple
Apple is also making the environment of the new campus a major priority too. The new campus is said to be powered by 100-percent renewable sources with one of the largest corporate solar projects in the world.

Eighty percent of the entire campus will be composed of green space, with more than 7,000 oxygen-producing trees. The campus will also feature lots of native Californian foliage.

Set to open in 2016, the new Apple campus will not only serve as the company’s headquarters. Because of its unique shape, expect the building to become a major local tourist attraction.

Even Apple’s Headquarters are Innovative
Apple’s new campus is expected to be finished in 2016, and we’ll keep you posted as we start seeing more shots of Apple’s completed new headquarters. In the meantime, maybe it’s time to get closer to the world’s most exciting and admired company. It’s easy to learn how to make apps and games for iPhone and iPad when you enroll in a Digital Media Academy tech camp.

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