Apple Watch: Release Date, Specs & Price

By Michael Rosa

When Apple® releases a new iDevice, it tends to become the industry standard – and everyone knows that history repeats itself. As the first novel Apple product since the iPad, the Apple Watch will likely be a leading standard in wearable tech.

The Apple Watch is set to release in April.

At an Apple Watch press event in San Francisco, Apple released more details about the Apple Watch. The hottest news: That the Apple Watch will become available for purchase on April 24th, and that prices for the Apple Watch Edition, a model that uses gold in its construction, will start at $10,000 and run up to $17,000.

The event also showcased the 2015 MacBook Air, which features 5th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, as well as an updated MacBook which definitely proves good things come in small packages. This new version weighs less than 2 pounds and at its thickest, the new laptop is only a very slim 13.1 mm thick (as compared to 17.3 inches for the MacBook Air).

There’s an App for That
But, without doubt, the star of the event was the Apple Watch. And since the Apple Watch is essentially a smartphone you wear on your wrist, it’s natural to wonder how the apps will be displayed and optimized.

Screen size aside, there’s no need to worry about missing out on all the apps you love. Apple released the WatchKit back in September, which showed developers how Apple Watch apps can be built off of existing platforms, and how developers can make apps for mobile devices.

Anyone interested in programming and app development would need only apply their knowledge to the WatchKit if they wanted to ensure their personal favorites were Apple Watch-compatible.

The Specs
Here are the reported specs for the Apple Watch:

  • Surface: Sapphire crystal or aluminosilicate Ion-X glass
  • Shell: Stainless steel or aluminum alloys, yellow gold or rose gold
  • Screen Sizes: 38 mm or 42 mm
  • Compatible: Can be worn on left or right wrist
  • Dial Type: “Digital Crown” dial with zoom capabilities
  • Accessories: Interchangeable watch bands
  • apple-watch-front-and-side-viewsA big part of the user experience is defining your personal style through your Apple Watch bands.

    The basic Apple Watch carries a price tag of $349, nearly double the national average of smartwatch prices. Still, demand for the watch is expected to be huge. A website called mixyourwatch allows you to virtually customize an Apple Watch online.

    With prices for the Apple Watch Edition now known to start at $10,000, the price range shows Apple’s move toward wearables suggests that Apple wants to appeal to both average consumers and luxury customers. It also shows that developers are going to need to increase their app and game development to keep pace with Apple’s products and platforms.

    Trying-On-Apple-WatchWill consumers go for the Apple Watch in a big way? The product is set for an April 24th launch.