Leonard Nimoy’s Last Time as Spock

By Vince Matthews

Leonard Nimoy first appeared as “Spock” in the pilot for the groundbreaking sci-fi series Star Trek in 1965 – and would continue to play the iconic character for generations.


Nimoy played Spock for three years on TV and followed that with eight “Star Trek” feature films – and guest slots in other “Star Trek” spin-offs. Leonard Nimoy died at age 83, but his impact on Star Trek and the role of “Spock” was so massive it transcended generations. Even spilling over into the reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise.

Spock’s Final Act
Nimoy announced his retirement from the role of Spock in 2010…graciously passing the torch to actor Zachary Quinto. However, Nimoy returned to the role as “Spock Prime” in 2013, when he appeared for the last time as “Ambassador Spock” in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Nimoy had only a brief scene in Star Trek: Into Darkness but made his presence felt. Recently, photos surfaced of his last time in the role of Spock…

A makeup artist prepares to cast a mold of Nimoy’s ears to model the signature pointy Vulcan ears.

Makeup artists fit the molded ears on the actor.

Nimoy shares a moment with director J.J. Abrams as he runs through his lines for the scene.

To get Nimoy into makeup it required the actor sit for hours in the makeup chair. The process begins by applying a material that makes a mold of the actor’s ears. From there, makeup artists craft the pointy Vulcan ears. It takes a team of craftsmen more than 40 hours to turn Leonard Nimoy into the science officer Spock. Here’s the finished scene as it appears in the movie:

See all the images posted by ulinepro on Imgur of Leonard Nimoy’s last time on the Star Trek set as Spock.

A Passion for Science
Spock would be right at home teaching one of DMA’s STEM camps. As the Chief Science Officer for the Starship Enterprise, Spock had a passion for engineering and rocket science and inspired real people to enter the field of robotics, science and other STEM-related fields.