What Are the Top Paying Google Jobs?

By Phill Powell

Google, the Internet giant (based in Mountain View, California, near San Jose), is one of the most desirable companies in the world to work for. It’s hugely popular with current employees, too, who love the creative atmosphere and cool perks they get for working at Google.

In addition to enjoying some of the most creative workspaces on the planet, Google employees enjoy five-star food, free snacks, free fitness classes and rides to work.

If you’re interested in working at Google, you’ll be glad to know they’re hiring. And these are Google’s top paying jobs:

20. Senior Quantitative Analyst
Salary: $166,411
What They Do: With math and statistical skills that put ordinary mortals to shame, these brainiacs use their analytical skills to keep Google’s balance sheet on the right track.

19. Partner Development Manager
Salary: $167,496
What They Do: This person oversees and helps develop Google’s third-party relationships with other companies, such as HTC, Samsung and Dell.

18. Senior Release Engineer
Salary: $168,896
What They Do: Before software is released, the Senior Release Engineer signs off on the source code so it can be assembled and used in products. These pros have already spent time learning how to write Java and other computer programs. Now they’re focused on polishing great code for Google…

17. Senior Product Marketing Manager
Salary: $168,959
What They Do: Marketing Managers use media outlets to create market demand for Google’s new and existing products.

At Google’s California headquarters, a Senior Product Marketing Manager can earn an average salary of $168,959.

16. Senior Research Scientist
Salary: $169,364
What They Do: These scientists are the minds behind Google’s most cutting-edge projects, everything from self-driving cars to smart contact lenses.

15. Engineering Manager
Salary: $174,957
What They Do: Google’s projects are vast and complex. Engineering Managers keep them all running smoothly.

google-engineering-managerGoogle Engineering Managers like Reto Strobi make an average of $174,957.

14. Technical Program Manager IV
Salary: $188,106
What They Do: These managers make sure that production milestones are met and projects stay on schedule. They also constantly monitor the progress of projects as they are developed out by fully staffed teams.

13. Corporate Counsel
Salary: $189,262
What They Do: A member of Google’s team of lawyers, Corporate Counsel helps guide the company through partnership negotiations and other legal matters.

12. Communications Manager
Salary: $191,483
What They Do: Carefully worded press releases and other types of communications are all handled by these employees.

11. Engineering Manager II
Salary: $191,552
What They Do: Engineering Managers supervise the work of teams of engineers who work on developing Google’s projects.

10. Staff User Experience Designer
Salary: $191,881
What They Do: The principles of UX (User Experience) may seem pretty basic (e.g., make sure that a software product works logically)…but Google demands some pretty refined and straight-forward interfaces. It’s this person’s job to make sure Google design standards are met.

9. Senior Online Sales and Operations Manager
Salary: $192,915
What They Do: These managers are focused on Google’s operational picture. They generate sales as well as help oversee operations.

8. Site Reliability Engineer
Salary: $195,419
What They Do: How well can you troubleshoot a website or piece of software? Site Reliability Engineers have to be able to quickly understand web design and other technical subjects. These IT professionals have to make the impossible happen…frequently.

7. Staff Software Engineer
Salary: $196,372
What They Do: Serving as a sort of super-consultant, a resident Software Engineer at Google typically works on a variety of projects.

6. Lead Software Engineer
Salary: $206,272
What They Do: Part designer/part manager, a Lead Software Engineer at Google is often used in a managerial role, overseeing other engineers while developing a program’s architecture.

5. Senior Staff Engineer
Salary: $207,555
What They Do: These superstar engineers command big salaries, and earn them with both experience and vast technical knowledge.

4. Group Product Manager
Salary: $247,996
What They Do: Oversee the development of whole families of Google products.

3. Business Operations Principal
Salary: $253,287
What They Do: This person helps cultivate change and influence Google’s strategy. They may also play a role in affecting company policy.

2. Engineering Director
Salary: $272,370
What They Do: Only technical visionaries need apply. To make it as an Engineering Director at Google, you’re first going to need at least a decade of practical experience, and understand nearly everything about technical subjects like app development for Android. You’re also going to need to know how to manage people and work at all levels of the company.

1. Finance Director
Salary: $339,009
What They Do: To take home a third of a million in yearly salary, you’ll be able to help lead Google through smooth (and choppy) financial waters…and deliver big profits in the process.

To become a Finance Director for Google, you’ll need to understand high finance from every angle.

There’s no shortage of high paying tech jobs and with incredible tech companies like Google leading the way, tech workers have a bright future ahead.