Visit Jurassic World Online

By Ryan Koss

In case you haven’t heard, Triceratops love selfies…or at least that’s what the website for Isla Nublar’s newest theme park – Jurassic World says.. Twenty-three years after the catastrophic events of Jurassic Park (1993), Jurassic World is ready to welcome visitors.

The movie is expected to be one of the blockbusters of 2015 and hits theaters June 12. But you can visit Jurassic World now – and it’s just a click away. The website for the fictional park gives you a sneak peek at all the park has to offer and more.

Plan Your Trip
Looking for a place to stay while visiting the park? The Isla Nublar Hilton Resort offers five-star accommodations (and WiFi, of course) perfect for the entire family. Have a T. Rex-sized appetite? Just head over to Winston’s Steakhouse for a delicious meal fresh off the grill.

Vacation packages and travel options help Jurassic World come to life.

Rather than teasing visitors with details of the film’s plot, the team at Universal Pictures has created a website centering around the Jurassic World theme park itself, complete with pages highlighting various vacation packages, visitor safety and even a fully interactive map of the park. It feels like a true vacation destination.

Seeing is Believing
Although the film will not hit theaters until this summer, “live” video feeds from Jurassic World’s Park Cams provide visitors with a glimpse into everyday life at the park. From the research laboratory to the T. Rex feeding quarters and even the break room, users can see the park from every angle.

“Live” cams placed throughout the park give visitors a pterodactyl’s view of the action.

More than a dozen “live” feeds give you the “you are there” experience. And today it appears that it’s business as usual at Jurassic World, at least for the moment. We’ll be checking back to the site, though, to see if anything changes.

Designing Your Own Amazing Website

While looping videos appear simple, recreating a look produced by security cameras and then packaging that to feel like a real theme park website is an incredible amount of hard work.

Instructors at Digital Media Academy’s web design courses have the professional knowledge to show you how to create a website and the experience to help you take your idea and turn it into hyper-reality. Like that T-Rex on Jurassic World, who’s looking at you like his next meal.