Highest Paying Tech Jobs

By Phill Powell

Studying STEM-related subjects pays off in big ways, according to new data which ranks the 25 highest paying jobs. According to Glassdoor, more than half of the top-earning 25 jobs are tech jobs – and directly linked to STEM.
software-designerSoftware engineers develop video games, apps and computer programs. They earn an average of $96,392 a year.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from the job rankings: Not surprisingly, the top slot on the rankings was Physician. What may surprise some is that the third highest-paying job on the list is Software Architect (a software, applications or computer program designer). The average annual base pay for that job is $130,891 and there were more than 3,000 openings for that position during 2014.

Almost as impressive are the figures for the fourth highest-paying job on the list: Software Development Manager. They oversee a software project and makes sure it meets all the development milestones. Another six-figure income, the average base salary for that job is $123,747. And during 2014, there were 2,249 openings.

Other High Paying Tech Jobs

Solutions Architect

A versatile and experienced manager with a history of leading software development projects.
Earnings Ranking: 6/25
Average Annual Salary: $121,522
Number of 2014 Openings: 3,530

Analytics Manager

Person who uses strong IT skills to design and assemble a data analysis solution.
Earnings Ranking: 8/25
Average Annual Salary: $115,725
Number of 2014 Openings: 1,408

IT Manager

Tech expert who oversees and maintains responsibility for all technical aspects of a company or project.
Earnings Ranking: 9/25
Average Annual Salary: $115,642
Number of 2014 Openings: 17,161

Supply Chain Manager

Manager who coordinates logistics and the purchasing and delivery of materials.
Earnings Ranking: 14/25
Average Annual Salary: $106,632
Number of 2014 Openings: 1,667

Data Scientist

A data analyst with strong business skills and the ability to analyze different types of data.
Earnings Ranking: 15/25
Average Annual Salary: $105,395
Number of 2014 Openings: 3,433

Security Engineer

Maintaining Web security and safe encryption measures falls under the watch of the Security Engineer.
Earnings Ranking: 16/25
Average Annual Salary: $102,749
Number of 2014 Openings: 2,060

QA Manager

Manager who writes test strategies, reviews code and plans test-related tasks.
Earnings Ranking: 17/25
Average Annual Salary: $101,330
Number of 2014 Openings: 1,689

Computer Hardware Engineer

The technical pro that researches and designs computer systems (e.g., processors, memory devices, circuit boards).
Earnings Ranking: 18/25
Average Annual Salary: $101,154
Number of 2014 Openings: 1,264

Database Administrator

Responsible for the safe maintaining of information contained in company databases.
Earnings Ranking: 20/25
Average Annual Salary: $97,258
Number of 2014 Openings: 9,041

UX Designer

Software is now designed with an eye toward the user experience (UX) that consumers will have when they use that software. The UX Designer manages this important aspect of development.
Earnings Ranking: 21/25
Average Annual Salary: $96,855
Number of 2014 Openings: 2,010

Software Engineer

The engineer who checks through the design of a piece of software to make sure it adheres to all of the best practices and engineering principles approved by the industry.
Earnings Ranking: 23/25
Average Annual Salary: $96,392
Number of 2014 Openings: 99,055

Sales Engineer

A mix of salesperson and engineer, able to fully understand and communicate the technical aspects of the product or equipment being created and sold.
Earnings Ranking: 25/25
Average Annual Salary: $90,899
Number of 2014 Openings: 5,508

world-in-the-palm-of-the-handLearning important STEM skills this summer could end up putting the whole world in the palm of your hand.

That’s 13 of the top 25 highest-paying jobs, and they’re all tech jobs that are based on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). Careers in tech can be as exciting as they are profitable, offering a challenging and rewarding work experience that’s on the cutting edge of today’s latest technology.

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