Apple Store Prepares for Gold Apple Watch

By Phill Powell

This April, Apple is releasing one of its most anticipated products yet: Apple Watch. And to meet the expected demand, Apple will offer several different styles at various price points.

Including a gold Apple Watch.



The gold Apple Watch brings serious bling to the already crowded smartwatch category, and to prepare for it, Apple Stores are being outfitted with special new safes to guard them.

Apple Watch Specs

Touchscreen: Coated sapphire crystal
Display: 1.5in (38mm) (272×340 resolution) and 1.7in (42mm) (319×390 resolution)
Housing: IPX7 waterproof standard (a short duration of water immersion at a depth of less 3 feet or less)
Battery: 6.5 hours of music playback, 3.5 hours of talk time
Charge Time: 1.5 hours for 80 percent charge, 2.5 hours for full charge
Processor: S1
OS: A re-designed version of iOS to support touch navigation, and the handset ‘Crown’. (The ‘Crown’ like on a regular watch, allows users to scroll and browse the interface.)
Connections: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi
Memory: 8GB storage

Apple Watch supports Siri (sorry folks, no texting due to the small size of the screen – you’ll use emojis on Apple Watch to communicate), and a feature called Smart Replies. This lets wearers users choose verbally selected pre-written responses. Or just answer your iPhone through Apple Watch.

Apple’s new ‘Taptic engine’ can also buzz wearers with different types of vibrations when they need to turn left or right while using maps. Or “nudge” wearers with notification alerts.

Activity and Workout apps use Apple Watch’s sensors for health and fitness, they can measure heart rate, calories burned and body movements. Users can also count calories and set personal goals.

The Power of Gold
While it’s true that the Sport model of the Apple Watch is fairly affordable (with a starting price of $349, steel and black versions around $500), that’s for an iDevice crafted from aluminum and glass.

The luxury edition adds that special something extra: 18-karat gold. Not surprisingly, that “something extra” adds quite a bit extra to the bottom line, creating a luxury watch set that’s expected to cost thousands.

Protecting those gold watches are new, custom-built safes that are equipped with MagSafe charging units, so the demo units (which will also be stored in the safe) can be kept fully charged and ready for the next demonstration.

The new Apple Watch will tell time, measure heart rate and perform a whole host of iPhone-connected tasks.

In addition to the safes, the stores will also carry custom-designed weighing scales to accurately measure the amount of gold in any watches that are replaced or returned. (Apple wants to prevent any scamming customers from trying to return gold watches that have their gold stripped out.)

Go Ahead! Try it On!
Apple is also busy trying to reconfigure its system of store shelves in preparation for the gold Apple Watch Edition. The company wants potential customers to be able to really get a feel for the product and try on the watch and even accessorize it with different colors and styles of watchbands.

You can even see all the styles on the interactive Apple Watch site, Mix Your Watch.


Apple’s gold standard: Apple Watch gold edition.

Apple figures the process of purchasing such a watch will be roughly similar to buying a high-end luxury watch in a jewelry store. With that in mind, Apple has revamped the look of its staff shirts to include fancier-looking, collared shirts.

Apple is also sending selected Apple Store employees to product training sessions in California and Texas, so they can become experts in the watch’s functionality.

gold-apple-watch-fashionFor the fashion-minded, the gold Apple Watch Edition will be a must-have when the iDevice releases in April 2015.

Join the Tech Revolution
The 18-karat gold Apple Watch is a triumph of engineering and computer science, and all of it coated with the world’s most precious metal. (Apple has even found a way to strengthen the gold so the watch casing is more durable.)

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And stay tuned for more upcoming reports about Apple’s new watch…