Making Apps That Make A Difference: Hands-on with Google Translate

By Phill Powell

While games such as Flappy Bird sell millions and are great time-wasters, apps can actually be invaluable tools. Take, for example, Google Translate, which channels your voice into any language. (You say you’ve always wanted to speak French? Well, here’s your chance!)

dma-3d-printing-classAt DMA tech camps, kids and teens get hands-on experience working with today’s hottest technologies, like Google Translate.

Mashable recently got a hands-on with Google Translate, and you may be surprised by Mashable’s findings.

Make the Apps that Change the World
Technology camps like Digital Media Academy can give kids hands-on experience creating apps at camp that change the world.

This summer at DMA tech camp locations, kids ages 8 to 12 will enjoy discovering how to work on the same type of apps that they normally love to play. And teens 12 to 17 will be busy developing cool apps and games, too.