The World’s First Self-Destructing Book

By Phill Powell

Patterson’s thriller novels (nearly 100 in all) have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide. His latest self-destructs if you don’t read it in time.

It’s something out a spy movie: James Patterson’s new novel self-destructs right before your eyes.

Patterson’s latest, Private Vegas, takes advantage of modern technology in a few different ways, but the main tech trick is something right out of Mission: Impossible.

A select group of readers of Private Vegas will have only 24 hours to finish the book, after which time the iPad app containing the book will erase itself.

Countdown to Destruction
A lucky group of one thousand readers will win the right to read the new book…but there’s a time limit. Once the reader opens the book and begins reading, a digital timer will start ticking down the seconds until a full 24 hours have passed. Then, whether the reader has completed Private Vegas or not, the e-book “self-destructs” and vanishes off their reading device.

The reader gets one shot at the novel, and if they can speed-read the entire thing in a day, they can join that special group of cutting-edge Patterson fans. There’s even a social-media component to the promotion; the 1,000 readers will be able to monitor each other’s reading progress and even “steal time” from each other.

The thousand readers who are selected to read the book for free during a 24-hour period will all be tracked online, by all participants. Not only that, but players will be able to “steal time” away from other readers.

The Deluxe Version
Looking for a copy you can keep? There is an ultra-deluxe edition of Private Vegas , but Patterson is offering one (and only one) copy of the book for sale. Cost? $294,038.

Granted, it’s a lot to pay for a book, but remember that this a packaged experience that includes dinner with the author and a fancy set of binoculars. For diehard Patterson fans, it just doesn’t get much better than this…

What Does The Deluxe Version of Private Vegas Include? 

  • First-class flight to a mysterious, secret location
  • Two nights of luxury accommodations in a first-class hotel
  • A deluxe leather case (engraved with Patterson’s initials) containing a pair of 14k gold-plated binoculars
  • The entire series of Alex Cross thrillers, all autographed by Patterson
  • A five-course dinner with the author himself

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