Elon Musk: 5 Technologies with the Greatest Impact on Society in the Future

By Vince Matthews

The future will depend upon us. As technology continues to rapidly evolve and dictate our future, tech futurists like inventor/aerospace entrepreneur Elon Musk can help light the path forward. Musk recently shared his thoughts on the tech that will make a difference in the future:


Elon Musk stands in front of a SpaceX rocket. He wants to fly you to Mars by 2025.

Sustainable Production and Consumption of Energy
From auto fuel to electricity, the world runs on energy. Musk has already started doing his part for energy conservation: Musk’s company, Tesla Motors, kick-started the electric-car movement and Musk’s ideas for a transportation system called the Hyperloop are already in the production stage.

Many engineering camps see solar power and wind turbines supplying power in the future, and even giving people the chance to create their own energy using the same technology.

Continued Growth of the Internet
Internet access is arguably as important as access to good schools and health care. Sadly, 60 percent of the world’s population still don’t have Internet access. Musk is planning to launch satellites that will provide global access to the Internet.

Reprogramming Human Genetics
Science is always looking for ways to improve our lives, and now they’re hoping to do it before life even starts. Imagine custom designing or modifying human genetics? It’s possible, although Musk calls it a “double-edged sword,” since the technology raises many ethical questions.

Artificial Intelligence
Anyone who has seen The Terminator knows that all robots aren’t happy-go-lucky Wall-Es. Musk, who has already predicted that AI will become self-aware within the next five years, cautions that while artificial intelligence is a great advancement for humanity, it could also be its undoing.

Making Life Multi-Planetary
Again, Elon Musk’s SpaceX leads the way in private space exploration and now Google and Fidelity have invested $1 billion in SpaceX. Musk and SpaceX are currently on a ten-year plan to get humans to Mars by 2025.

For more from the interview with Elon Musk, check out the video below:

To Infinity…and Beyond!
There are many careers in space exploration. In fact, Musk’s SpaceX is hiring. But for those who are still eager to get the education they need to make a difference, there are rocket science camps and great technology universities like UT Dallas. There’s no time like the present to start turning your attention toward the future. It definitely looks brighter than ever!