The Worst Computer Passwords of 2014

By Phill Powell

The 2014 year-end, wrap-up stories have already been written and read, but here’s one last one we couldn’t resist, courtesy Gizmodo.

It’s about the worst computer passwords of 2014, which also happen to be the most popular passwords, according to Splash Data News. (The reason why we’re calling these passwords the “worst” is because they’re so popular and therefore are probably well known to hackers…which makes them bad passwords. “Low-security passwords” would be another way to put it.)

password-adviceWords to live by…

Needless to say, if you scan this list and come across any passwords you’re currently using, it’s time to reset your password.

The Worst (Most Popular) Computer Passwords of 2014

25. trustno1
24. batman
23. 123123
22. 696969
21. superman
20. michael
19. master
18. shadow
17. access
16. mustang
15. 111111
14. abc123
13. letmein
12. monkey
11. 1234567
10. football
9. dragon
8. baseball
7. 1234
6. 123456789
5. qwerty
4. 12345678
3. 12345
2. password
1. 123456

Password Trends
Computer security is no laughing matter. A quick scan of the list reveals some clear trends:

Numbers Game A full third of the list is occupied by strings of digits, whose users didn’t even bother to change the ascending numbers of “1-2-3-4…” That’s making it too easy for hackers! At the very least, users should reverse the order of the numbers, or (better yet) take them out of any recognizable sequence.

Sports are Popular (Superheroes, Too) Both football and baseball were both represented among the passwords, as were Superman and Batman. Animal names (dragon, monkey, mustang) also registered on the list.

Very Clever… There were a few of attempts at cleverness that made the list. At No. 25, we give you “trustno1″ which seems kind of cool. (Of course, now that it’s been published, that password can no longer be “trust”ed.) Another interesting choice is “qwerty,” which uses the letters from a certain row of the computer keyboard. Perhaps the boldest password choice was also the plainest: “password.”

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