The Personal Benefits of Summer Camp

By Phill Powell

As kids and their parents weigh summer-camp choices, it’s important to remember the many personal benefits that a summer-camp experience can provide.

making-friends-at-campSummer camp should be a fun time when lasting friendships are made.

Summer camp can be a meaningful event in the life of a kid or teen, and where they can learn much, in a lot of different ways. It starts with the subject they’re discovering. At Digital Media Academy tech camps, students “major” in different subjects, such as 3D printing, app development and robotics…and they learn amazing amounts of knowledge within a compressed timeframe about those subjects.

But that’s not all. Then there are the life lessons and key activities that can transform a kid, and help them realize their potential as a student and as a person. Summer camp can go a long way in promoting personal development.

See How They Grow!
Here are just some of the ways that summer camp can benefit a kid:

  • Learning a New Skill The act of learning something new and acquiring a new skill stretches the mind and makes it that much easier to master other new skills.
  • Increased Self-Esteem No matter whether they want to learn how to use Java or discover how to build robots, DMA students grow as people when they realize the intense satisfaction that results from creating something cool.
  • Safe Community Kids need a nurturing environment so they can really blossom. DMA tech camps provide that safe community of like-minded kids and teens who all share interests in today’s hottest technologies.
  • A Sense of Adventure Summer vacation can become dull if kids don’t have anything to occupy their time or attention. Summer camp gives kids something to focus on ahead of time, and a special set of memories they’ll always treasure afterward.
  • Social Interaction Summer camp is an ideal way to help draw out the personality of shy kids who normally don’t interact very much with others. They find their personal voice at camp and become more confident about their social skills.

Make This Summer the Start
Kids not only make new friends at camp but come back transformed by the experience. In many cases, camps can help kids become better students, and better kids. At DMA, we see that happen all the time.