3D Printing Technology: How to Get Hands-on Experience

By Phill Powell

3D printing can be a complex subject to learn on your own. Students in DMA’s new 3D printing course are guided by expert instructors.

3D printing is one of today’s hottest emerging technologies. Why? Well, 3D printers are straight out of science fiction and completely cool. This is technology designed to unlock imaginations.

Basically, if you can visualize an object, you can model it and make it with a 3D printer.

A Wide World of 3D Printing
Thanks to the falling prices of printers, more people than ever are buying 3D printers, and they’re using them to create amazing things. Recently, someone made a 3D printed car. It was a groundbreaking event and one that could eventually have a big impact on the auto industry.

3D printers have even ventured into outer space, with NASA astronauts using 3D printed tools needed for making repairs to the International Space Station. (Even TV characters are getting into the act: Who could forget the epic episode of “Big Bang Theory” in which Howard and Rajesh bought a $5,000 3D printer…so they could print out high-quality action figures of themselves?)

Just what the world needs: a Howard Wolowitz action figure! (“The Big Bang Theory” copyright © 2009 Chuck Lorre Productions)

Ways to Explore 3D Printing
If you’re interested in learning more about 3D printing, there are several options: Numerous websites, videos and books are devoted to the subject.

But if you want hands-on experience with the technology, that means you’re going to need access to a 3D printer. And although prices have started dropping, the least expensive models still cost about $1,000.

Not quite ready to break your piggy bank and make the purchase? No worries. You can still get hands-on experience in 3D printing, by attending one of Digital Media Academy’s 3D printing tech camps this summer.

Ready? Set? Print!
In DMA’s 3D printing tech camps, industry professionals and expert instructors guide you through the various steps involved in 3D printing:

  • Using CAD software to model 3D objects
  • Preparing your creation for 3D printing
  • Configuring a 3D printer for operation
  • Printing an object of your own creation
  • Improving the model through fine-tuning
  • Painting the model you’ve manufactured
What will you create this summer at DMA’s 3D Printing & Industrial Design tech camp? The possibilities are endless…

No previous 3D printing experience is required.

DMA’s 3D Printing & Industrial Design course is open to all skill levels and teens age 12 through 17.

Courses are led by industry professionals and expert instructors who know how to help students get the very most out of leading software, such as Autodesk® 123D®, Tinkercad and Slic3r®.

Come Make Something Cool!
Registration for DMA’s Summer 2015 camps is open now, with special winter savings available for those who reserve a spot in camp by February 18th. See the website for more details.