2014’s Top Tech Stories

By Phill Powell

Well, here we are, about to begin a new year, and really the only safe prediction we can make for 2015 is that technology will again be the driving force in business, entertainment and education.

So let’s take a quick look back at 2014 and the year that brought us even deeper into the digital age. Here are the five tech stories that perfectly captured 2014:

Cyber-hacking Mania

Here’s one story that’s sure to be dominating headlines during next year…and probably the foreseeable future. It’s a computer world and while that has opened whole new worlds of creative possibilities, its power has also attracted cyber-criminals of every stripe…including terrorist groups and rogue nations. How much damage can be done with a computer and Internet access? Unfortunately, this could prove to be the story of the coming year.

Year of the Selfie

Everywhere you turned this year, someone was clicking a pic of themselves with their smartphone. From Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar-ceremony, mega-star selfie (which became the most tweeted photo ever) to clearly insane Russian teens dangling unharnessed from the tops of Moscow skyscrapers to click the ultimate selfie, the entire world officially went nuts over the concept of the self-taken photograph. (Admit it, you just snapped another while you were reading that last sentence.)

Apple: Ripe for Picking?

In general, it was business as usual this past year for the world’s most popular company, although there were a few noteworthy hiccups along the way. Some product launches weren’t executed very smoothly, at least by Apple’s normally high standards. And there were lingering questions about employee treatment at some of Apple’s factories in China. Still, the American public’s devotion to the company remains strong, and Tim Cook’s calm corporate leadership has kept a steady hand on the wheel.

Drones: From Kid’s Toy to Formidable Weapon

It’s the kind of product that once was only sold at Radio Shacks or hobby shops: small, remote-controlled flying machines. But then a funny thing happened: The tech boom made it possible to offer consumers quality flying gizmos that could actually climb to great heights, perform all kinds of maneuvers and capture super-cool photography from hundreds of feet in the air. Now drones are all over the place. Watch this coming year for stories about the ethical use of military drones as killing machines, as well as the growing problem of hobbyists’ drones interfering with passenger planes and small aircraft.

3D Printing Marches Forward

The world’s infatuation with the amazing new technology of 3D printing continued forward during 2014 with stories of cool uses of 3D printing (including NASA) and the growing availability of 3D printers at consumer price points that will increase their widespread use and eventual acceptance. Will every home someday have a 3D printer? Stranger things have happened…like the announcement that a 3D-printed automobile has been produced.

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