DMA Tech Camps at Mich U

By Phill Powell

If this house is a-rockin’…you know the Michigan Wolverines are in town and packing “The Big House” with more than 100,000 screaming fans.

Sometimes it’s known as “U Mich,” “Michigan U.” or maybe “U of M.”

But most of the time it’s simply called “Michigan” and everybody knows exactly what you’re talking about: the University of Michigan, one of the nation’s powerhouse schools.

It’s a major force in both academics and athletics, with the most-winning football program in all of NCAA sports.

And this year the school’s about to become even more exciting, because Digital Media Academy is gearing up to bring its world-class tech camp experience to the University of Michigan campus in beautiful Ann Arbor!

Camp Like You’ve Never Experienced Before
This is DMA’s first visit to Michigan, so maybe we should explain what sets DMA apart from other tech and digital arts camps. If you’re only familiar with traditional summer camps, get ready to have your mind blown. You’ll see kids (age 8 to 12) and teens (12 to 17) learning the wildest and most cutting-edge subjects:

• Kids in DMA’s Adventures camps will be mastering the mechanics of robot-building in Adventures in Robotics and Programming with LEGO® EV3

• Or learning how to get the maximum most from today’s coolest game/game-builder in Adventures in 3D Game Design with Minecraft. What better way to teach kids the basics of real video game development than by using a hit game like Minecraft. Campers discover secrets to making games that are challenging, fun and massively popular.

• Or tapping into their own visual creativity as they explore Adventures in Photography & Graphic Design.

DMA campers at the University of Michigan will be learning advanced modding techniques for ultra-popular game/game maker Minecraft.

And teens will find lots of great subjects to capture their interest, too:

• Teens into film will find fantastic courses for all skill levels, from an Introduction to Digital Filmmaking all the way to Advanced Digital Filmmaking.

• Aspiring game designers have a range of great courses available to them, like 3D Game Design: Character Creation with Unreal Engine & Maya.

• Plus there are two-week academies available for teens in Digital Filmmaking, Music Production, 3D Game Design and Minecraft Modding & Game Design!

A Wolverine Week at DMA
DMA camps are weeklong and multiple-week experiences. Camp is held Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an hour-long lunch break and breaks throughout the day.

Digital Media Academy realizes kids and teens don’t want to be stuck inside a classroom all day. That’s why kids get outdoor breaks and lots of summer camp fun outside the classroom.

And Ann Arbor is a great place to attend summer camp! It’s a classic American college town, rich with campus tradition and steeped in academic and athletic accomplishment. Home of the nation’s largest college football stadium (which can hold 110,000 cheering Wolverine fans), the resident stomping grounds of a team that’s captured 11 national titles and has the highest winning percentage of any collegiate football team.

The entire crew of Apollo 15 graduated from the University of Michigan. These guys spent the summer of 1971 walking on the moon. How will you make your summer vacation unforgettable? DMA can show you how.

Summer of Classic Memories
Students never forget their summers at DMA. It’s a special time when they get to be around other kids and teens who think like they do and want to explore the same creative subjects.

And don’t forget the cool merch, too! Each camper gets a limited edition DMA T-shirt, plus their own Apple workstation to use throughout the week, plus a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

The greatest thing DMA students get, however, is the intense sense of personal pride and creative accomplishment they feel at the end of the course when they can point to a project they have completed and say, “Hey, I did that.”

It’s a priceless feeling, and if you want to experience it for yourself, register for DMA tech camp at the University of Michigan. Camps are in session from August 11th through 22nd and the time to reserve your space in class is now!