Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

By Phill Powell


With access to e-mail, Web, apps, music and more, iPhones are the gift that keep on giving.

The holidays are only days away. And everyone from Santa to the Grinch is getting ready.

Stores, both brick-and-mortar and online ones, have stocked their shelves with an enticing array of gift goodies. In case you’ve delayed your shopping, or just don’t know what to buy for that teenager on your list, we’ve got a few gift ideas that will fit almost any budget.

Nothing says Happy Holidays like the latest and greatest technology. And gifting that special someone a cool tech gadget will delight them for the rest of the year.

Here are the gifts that will make you look both cool and confident:

Apple iPhone 5S
MSRP: $199.99 (16GB), $299.99 (32GB)
Apple-iPhone-5SPrecious metals: Apple’s iPhone 5S is available in luxurious colors like gold and silver.

Why It’s a Holiday Hit: Surely we don’t need to explain the obvious. For the savvy teenager, the iPhone 5S is the established standard of communication. It’s easy to see why. Apple’s integrated technology (iCloud) syncs music, videos and more, plus the latest latest round of “luxury” case colors (gold, silver), as well as 64-bit architecture powered by an A7 chip make it, well, maybe the best phone ever. The iPhone camera has been improved and the iPhone now supports LTE networks. And to protect all these great features: Touch ID, an identity sensor inside the iPhone 5S that knows you by your fingerprints.

Sony PlayStation 4
MSRP: $399
Sony-PlayStation-4Sony’s fourth video game console is a straightforward update to the PS3. The machine features Blu-ray support and a great lineup of launch games.

Why It’s a Holiday Hit: Despite other contenders (including the Nintendo Wii U and the Microsoft Xbox One), our game machine of choice this Christmas is Sony’s PlayStation 4. Why? Great games and a fantastic online network.

Canon VIXIA mini Camera
MSRP: $299.99
Canon-VIXIA-miniCanon’s VIXIA mini camcorder is the perfect device for teens who enjoy posting videos online. The built-in stand makes it easy for teens to record videos of themselves.

Why It’s a Holiday Hit: Canon’s VIXIA mini is the perfect camcorder for kids and teens who love shooting video clips, then posting them online. Weighing just 5 ounces, the VIXIA mini is super-portable. And because the VIXIA mini contains its own adjustable built-in stand, it’s extremely easy to set it up and shoot clips that you star in yourself. Just press the Power button, then watch the automatic lens cover open, making the VIXIA mini ready to record.

Apple MacBook Pro
MSRP: Varies based on model

Why It’s a Holiday Hit: Because you get so much for so little. Apple’s MacBook sets the standard for portable computing, and the MacBook Pro gets a little leaner and meaner each year, making it a rare value in hardware. You can even find great condition used MacBooks at a great price.

Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera
Polaroid-Instant-Print-Digital-CameraIf you want the convenience of an instant camera combined with digital precision, Polaroid’s Instant Print Digital Camera lets you spit out all the pix you want.

MSRP: $179.99
Why You Want One: Sounds retro, but there’s just something extra-cool about shooting an image and seconds later having a nicely printed photo instantly appear, without having to shuttle it to a computer printer first. Generations of Americans have loved finding Polaroid instant cameras under the tree and this year it could be your turn. A classic concept updated with cool digital touches.