Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Trailer

By Vince Matthews

Spider-Man battles box-office contenders when he hits the big screen in May 2014.

He spins a web any size and catches thieves just like flies. Like his old TV theme song says, “Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man.” The highly anticipated sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, which successfully rebooted the Spider-Man movie franchise, arrives in theaters next year. Until then, fans can satisfy their thirst for all things webhead with a new official trailer that showcases spidey and his new nemesis’.

Comic Book Action
The video opens with Spider-Man free-falling over New York City in what looks like a BASE jumper’s nightmare (he has no parachute). He falls for about five seconds before attaching a web line to nearby building and then snapping into a hard swing down a busy New York City street. It’s comic book action Spider-Man fans crave and it all happens before a single explosion or battle is even seen.

The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 not only teases the action but gives us a sneak peek at Electro, the Rhino and (possibly) a rebooted Green Goblin with the introduction of Norman Osborne. It’s the stuff of fanboy dreams. Just take a look for yourself:

Amazing Special-Effects
The action (like any comic book blockbuster) is pumped up with awesome special effects. An Electro-burst clears Times Square. Spider-Man takes on an armored Rhino with a manhole cover while explosions surround him. Jamie Foxx, who plays Electro, has electricity running through his veins instead of blood. They’re all stunning images and make you wonder how Hollywood creates visual effects for movies.

We can’t wait to see Spider-Man in 3D IMAX and will have more info on how they created the amazing special effects for the film in future news posts.