New Apple iOS 7 Releasing Soon

By Vince Matthews

When it releases later this year, it will be the most radical design change the iOS has ever seen.

Apple’s latest mobile operating system or iOS is currently being tested by developers. The updated OS (which releases in the fall) will be the most radical design change the iOS has ever seen, and it might just be the best iOS ever.

The new iOS features a cleaner design and easier access to all the things you love on your iPhone. But Apple also improves iOS multitasking and ease of use. Typically, when a new iOS (with major overhauls like this) is released a new iPhone follows closely behind. That’s expected to be the case here too, as insiders say the iOS will also ship with a new iPhone. The iPhone 5S is expected in the beginning of September.

Here’s a closer look at all the new and improved features of iOS 7:

You’re in Control
Control Center (shown here, left) gives you access to stuff that should be a swipe away but isn’t. Turning your wi-fi on and off, switching to Airplane mode, AirPlay and AirDrop. There’s even a flashlight, timer and calculator just a tap away.

Improved Notification Center
Emails. To-do lists and missed calls. An improved notification screen will let you know in one glance if it’s your sister’s birthday or if morning traffic is going to be a nightmare.

The iOS has always gotten knocked by Windows surface and Android users for its limited multitasking abilities, while this update doesn’t really resolve that, it does make your iPhone a little smarter. For example if you like to check your Facebook everyday in the morning at 9:00am, iOS 7 will learn that and update your feed before you access it.

iOS-7-Collections-PhotosWith iOS 7 you can now review the photos you’ve taken by year and see where you’ve taken them.

Updated Camera & Photo Options
Apple continues to make improvements to the Camera feature, iOS 7 will offer a new square format (handy for social profiles) and 9 new photo filters.

Another new imaging addition is the Collection, Moment and Years feature. This feature categorizes photos based on where you took them, and gives you the ability to easily review a year at a glance.

This feature has been popular on the Mac desktop and laptop platforms for a while and it’s great to see the feature finally come to the iOS. Want to share a photo, contact or video? It’s super easy using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, plus transfers are encrypted to make them highly secure.

Siri, Safari and iTunes Radio
Other new features in iOS 7 include the option of a male voice for Siri (as well as a new look) and better browsing using Safari (hint, it’s looking a lot more like Google’s iOS browser). Finally, Apple’s new-ish music service looks to give Pandora a run for it’s money, iTunes Radio will be integrated with Siri (“Play more like this”) and ad-free when used with iTunes Match.

When it releases later this year, iOS7 will be the most radical design change the iOS has ever seen.

iOS in the Car
Apple has been a passenger when it comes to integrating the iPhone with automobiles but this iOS 7 feature may finally allow Apple to get in the drivers seat. Currently Apple is working with over a dozen automakers (including Acura, Chevrolet, Honda, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar) to bring iOS functionality to your daily commute.

The feature won’t be available until 2014 but when it rolls out, expect Siri to read text messages to you as you drive and use your iPhone to make hands-free calls.

All in all, iOS 7 is an amazing update to an already amazing phone. The iPhone is the smartphone that practically invented the smartphone market—and it’s probably the best platform to learn to develop mobile apps for.