How to Remove Red Eye from Photos

By Yishan Lin

Nighttime shots of friends or family are often ruined by the spooky-looking “red eye” effect. The effect is actually the result of the camera flash reflecting off the retinas of your eyes.

In this DMA HOW-TO, we’ll review three quick and easy methods to get rid of red-eye in your photos. The first method uses the Mac app iPhoto. The second method is for iPhone users and the third method for users on the Windows platform.

The iPhoto method is an easy one. But if you’ve taken those photos with a smartphone or camera, it does require that you transfer your photos to Mac to edit them.

1. Go to your iPhoto library and select the photo you want to remove the red-eye effect from. Double-click on that photo to open it.

DMA-How-To-remove-red eye-iPhotoThis toddler isn’t possessed…the baby’s retinas are reflecting a high-intensity photo flash.

2. On the bottom toolbar, find the Edit icon. Click on that icon and the toolbar at the bottom should automatically change to photo editing tools.

3. Click on the Red-Eye icon and click once on area affected by red-eye in your photo. One click should be enough, but if red-eye still remains, continue to click on that area until all the redness is removed. When you’re finished, click Done.

The iPhone’s built-in editing feature makes removing red-eye quick and easy.

One of the most underrated features of the iOS operating system on the iPhone is the built-in editing feature in the Photos app. This often-overlooked app tool allows you to instantly rotate, remove red eye, or add touch up your photos on the go from your iPhone.

1. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone. Access your photos via the Camera Roll. Open the image in your Camera Roll. Now click the Edit button in the top right of the screen.

2. After tapping Edit a row of icons will appear at the bottom of your screen, look for the red dot with a slash through it. Tap the icon.

3. Now follow the on-screen directions. Tap each red-eye and your iPhone will automatically remove the red-eye.

We recommend bring the photo up in size by zooming into it to better select the red-eye area, especially if your subject does not take up at least 60 percent of the screen. Tap Apply to accept the edit, or tap the screen to undo the edit.

4. Before you save your changes, make sure the edits are what you expect. Once you’ve saved your edit, you won’t be able to go back. If you’re satisfied, save the changes.

Your photo edit is complete.

Windows Photo Gallery
The last method is for PC/Windows users. Windows Photo Gallery is available as a free download.

1. Open the Windows Photo Gallery application. The application can be found in the Programs section of the Start menu.

2. Much like in iPhoto, click on the photo that you want to remove the red-eye from. On the toolbar, click the Fix button (which is similar to iPhoto’s Edit button).

3. Click the Fix Red-Eye icon. Using your cursor, click and drag a rectangle around the eye you wish to “wash.” Continue drawing rectangles around all the red eyes, and then you’ll be done.

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