Chromecast: Google’s Tiny Streaming TV Device

By Vince Matthews

With three easy steps, you’re streaming video from the Internet. Chromecast hides inconspicuously behind your TV.

Chromecast is Google’s thumb-sized USB device that streams Internet content to your TV.

The two-inch, Wi-Fi-enabled device that streams media (YouTube videos, movies and music off Google play) from the Internet like Apple TV or Roku. Unlike those devices which cost around $100, Chromecast is only $35. Plugging the device into a USB port on your flat panel TV is all the installation required.

The device has practically no set-up time or learning curve, and works with a smartphone, tablet or computer as the remote. The price point makes it super accessible for anyone. (That is, anyone with a Wi-Fi connection.)

Broadcasting Live via Wi-Fi
The two-inch dongle (that’s a technical term) supports both Android and iOS. YouTube, Google Play and Netflix are expected to be available at launch with more developers making apps for the device in the future. Other features, like streaming any tab from a Chrome browser running on one of your non-TV devices, make the device any streaming-media fan’s dream. Plus, Chromecast includes three free months of Netflix.


If Apple TV and Roku didn’t already have cable companies extremely nervous, with the Google announcement they certainly are now. Streaming video is the next evolution of TV and the cable companies know it. While currently only 15 percent of households watch online video on their TV sets (according to Google), that figure is expected to triple within the next two years.