5 Things That Rocked Comic-Con 2013

By Phill Powell

Comic-Con crowds
Sold-out Show: Comic-Con 2013 packs as many fans into the San Diego Convention Center as fire laws allow. The city is even expanding the center for the growing Comic-Con crowds.

We’re at Comic-Con 2013, where superhero mania and other forms of pop culture (including Horror, Anime, Sci Fi, Manga, toys, collectibles and more) are celebrated in grand style. It’s possibly the craziest and coolest convention anywhere.

Fans show up in droves—dressed up like their favorite comic-book characters—and movie stars and other media personalities make appearances and hold special autograph signings.

Comic-Con 2013 started Thursday and runs through Sunday afternoon. What? You didn’t get a ticket to this year’s sold-out show (attendance: 130,000-plus)? No worries, here’s what your friends are going to be talking about from Comic-Con 2013.

1. Giant Robot: You can’t miss it—even in the packed convention crowds—because it stands nearly 10 feet tall and has four mechanical arms. It’s a massive mech robot with an amazing amount of detail, created especially for Comic-Con by Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects, WIRED magazine and Conde Nast Entertainment. Seeing is believing, and we’re still not sure we believe it.

A 10-foot tall mechanized robot? Only at Comic-Con!

2. Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Electro Arrives Trailer: Fans of the World’s Greatest Webslinger are already super-stoked about the next Spidey flick (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), and a big reason why is Electro, the exciting new villain that will be played by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. Comic-Con crowds haven’t been able to get enough of the preview playing at the convention. See why Comic-Con was stunned, in this first look at Electro:

Spider-Man fans at Comic-Con can’t wait to see Jamie Foxx as Electro.

3. Game of Thrones Figures: The hottest show on TV—is finally getting a line of collectible figures. Dark Horse, the manufacturer, won’t term them “action figures” (because they won’t be articulated), but fans can expect a high level of detail in them.

Game of Thrones action figuresDark Horse’s line of Game of Thrones figures begins with Jon Snow and Daenerys, plus three other characters. Each is expected to retail for $25.

4. X-Files Returns from the Great Beyond Panel: Comic-Con always has great celebrity panel Q&As with fans. One of this year’s most widely anticipated celebrity events was an X-Files 20th anniversary reunion, with both David Duchovny (Agent Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Agent Scully) attending, along with the show’s creator, Chris Carter, and writer-producers who worked on the groundbreaking 90s sci-fi hit.

X-Files Comic-Con reunionThe truth is X-Files stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny love being reunited at Comic-Con 2013.

5. Comic-Con Cosplay: Of course, the real stars of every Comic-Con are the thousands of insanely devoted fans who make an annual pilgrimage to San Diego, decked out like their favorite superheroes or horror/sci-fi characters. These people take their costuming very seriously, spending big dollars to copy their hero’s appearance. This is a show that’s all around you—the fans.
Comic-Con costumesCostumes are a serious business at Comic-Con. Here a bunch of famous Disney characters gather (Bambi even makes an appearance with a newfound friend).

The Supershow for Superfans
Today, if you want the inside scoop on video games, comics and movies coming up for the next year, all you have to do is gaze into the crystal ball that is Comic-Con. Comic-Con has been around since 1970 but has really exploded in the past ten years as Hollywood has taken over.

All tickets to each of this show’s four days were entirely sold out (they have been since 2008). The convention is a big deal that pumps nearly $200 million into the San Diego economy each year. The show’s such a huge hit that San Diego is expanding its Convention Center to better hold Comic-Con’s overflow crowds.

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