Pacific Rim is “Pure Awesome”

By Phill Powell

DMA campers get access to special events like a free IMAX 3D pre-screening of Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim is a summer popcorn blockbuster that pits robots against monsters. DMA students got to see the movie last week when overnight campers in Digital Media Academy’s UCLA tech camps were invited to a special premiere preview of the movie in Burbank, California.

Campers got free tickets and promotional items like t-shirts, posters and temporary Pacific Rim—all courtesy of Warner Brothers:

Best Night Ever
According to David Fong, the Resident Coordinator for DMA’s UCLA program, the night was a huge hit, starting with surprises from the studio:

  • Exclusive Swag: “Excitement was high because it was the 3D IMAX show. The kids got even more enthusiastic when they saw all the promotional material the studio sent us: T-shirts, bracelets, hats, posters and tattoos.”
  • VIP Treatment: “Proudly showing off their new Pacific Rim gear, campers boarded a shuttle to AMC Burbank. When we arrived the theatre was packed, but (Warner Bros.) graciously provided a VIP section for the DMA group, so we could all sit together.”
  • The Main Event: “The kids sat chatting with each other and eating popcorn while waiting for the movie to start, and some even won a contest for more free gear! When Pacific Rim began you could hear ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ all the way to the grand finale, which one viewer described as ‘just pure awesome!’ And one kid told me that it was one of the best nights he’s ever had. It was a huge success!”

    Special-Pacific-Rim-Preview-Screening1Excited DMA campers get ready to see Pacific Rim, two days before it opens in theaters.

    Special-Pacific-Rim-Preview-Screening3With a Pacific Rim tank and temporary tattoos, this camper is ready to rock the show!

    Special-Pacific-Rim-Preview-Screening2Campers mug for the camera before the movie begins.

    Campers in the special effects and filmmaking camps were blown away by the movie and everyone loved the film. The chance to see it as a DMA VIP was even better!

    Making it to the Big Screen
    Pacific Rim explodes off the screen with big-budget visual effects. Learning to create Hollywood visual effects is as easy as spending a week with Digital Media Academy this summer. In DMA’s Special Effects Filmmaking camp, teens learn what goes into creating a Hollywood blockbuster like Pacific Rim.

    Digital Media Academy partners with companies like Warner Brothers Studios to offer special events to campers at all our camp locations. Events vary by location and availability.