HOW-TO: Stream Music Using Dropbox

By Vince Matthews

Summer means barbeques, beach parties and more. And there’s a good chance that at those get-togethers you’re going to be listening to music. But how can you take your music collection with you?

Dropbox is a cloud service that provides free storage (of up to 2GB) for anyone with an Internet connection. You can place photos, files and even music on the service. And you can play your MP3s from Dropbox. That’s right, you can stream your own personalized music collection without having to listen to annoying ads. Here’s how:

How To Play Music Directly from Dropbox
Create a Dropbox account. Access the account you created at Dropbox’s website. To play a song, click on it to start playing. Dropbox’s basic player will only play one song at a time, but you can make the experience better…


Using Dropbox DropTunes
1. Dropbox provides a desktop media experience through Droptunes. To access it, log in to Dropbox using your email and password.

2. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of folders in your Dropbox account. Look for the folder with your music. This folder will be listed in the player. The DropTunes music player is web-based (there’s a Droptunes app, too), and while it’s basic, it more than gets the job done when you want to use it to play music.

Dropbox-music-how-to-4Basic playback controls include volume and track skip. You can play OGG and WAV files in the HTML 5 mode.

3. Unlike other media players, once a song is done playing it will automatically start playing the next track. If you are playing music directly from Dropbox you would have to select your next song. It’s a seamless, radio-like experience, but you don’t have to listen to unwanted songs or ads.

Dropbox-music-how-to-64. To play an OGG or WAV file from DropTunes, use the HTML 5 mode. You can click on Info & Tips to view a list of browsers that support that feature.

Whether you’re creating your own music or dancing to someone else’s beat, summer is always better with music.