Apple iWatch: Latest Developments

By Phill Powell

One artist’s concept of how the Apple iWatch might look. The Apple watch could arrive in stores later this year.

Apple’s iWatch is heading to stores. Industry analysts are already predicting the iWatch will become a key product for Apple as we head into the next generation of mobile devices. Wearable technology.

Recently, Apple applied to trademark “iWatch,” in four international markets: Japan, Mexico, Russia and Taiwan. The company is applying resources to the iWatch en masse. Led by Apple’s lead designer, Sir Jony Ive, the project currently has more than 100 designers working on it. Along with countless other engineers and software developers.

Telling Time: Just the Beginning
Apple has made no announcement about the iWatch, so we don’t know the price or what it will do. Still, it’s impossible to imagine that the iWatch won’t heavily influence the world of mobile technology. And tap into the rich Apple universe of iOS-connected products—and integrate with the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Pebble is another contender in the smartwatch market, with several varieties and models.

It’s rumored the Apple iWatch will have a 1.5-inch screen made of curved Gorilla Glass. Bluetooth is also expected. And finally, Apple’s go-to manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. will produce the devices. As for its release date, no word from Apple yet, but analyst suspect later this year or during the early part of 2014.

Watch-ing the Marketplace
Apple’s not the only company betting on the consumer appeal of a wristwatch-type product that is able to access the Internet and deliver any type of entertainment you wish. There are already electronically enhanced wristwatches on the market. The Sony SmartWatch was released last year, and has just been updated. With it, you can send messages, play games and even monitor your Facebook page. There are also two other similar watches now being sold, under the product names the I’m Watch and the Pebble Watch.

Samsung, another major Apple rival, is working to develop its own wrist-based device, the Samsung Gear. And one more company working along these lines: Microsoft. Looks like the industry’s biggest companies are betting that the future is going to be something we all wear.

Another sleek smartwatch, the I’m Watch, features Bond-like styling.

Where Electronics Meets Fashion
When Apple does release its iWatch, it will unveil the product to huge expectations. If the iWatch succeeds, it will likely do so to an extent that advances the whole cause of wearable technology. On the other hand, if it fails, it could keep other manufacturers from making their own wearable tech products, setting wearable tech back for what could be years. Either way there’s a lot riding on the iWatch.

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