Apple iOS 7: Best Mobile OS Ever?

By Phill Powell

Apple-iOS 7-Screen Layers
A totally redesigned interface from top to bottom includes a 3D effect and ordered overlays.

Famous for perfecting the computer user experience, Apple’s latest software experience features some pretty incredible features.

Apple’s Senior Vice President and chief designer Jonny Ive personally oversaw the completely redesigned interface which includes larger, cleaner fonts, new screen icons and a new color palette.

iPhone owners will instantly notice the new 3D display as icons turn toward you and now appear to be really floating above background images as you move the phone. Apps or screens are visually layered, too. The look is truly amazing and takes the term smartphone to a new level.

  • Improved Search iOS 7 now offers full-screen browsing. A newly unified search field simplifies search. iOS 7 also provides a new view for bookmarks, once you found something, as well as a new way to view Safari tabs.
  • Siri…or Sir? Apple’s personal assistant can now be a male or female voice. It now has integrated Twitter and Wikipedia, and can change your iOS settings.
  • Apple Radio Integration: With iOS 7 you can now purchase that song with a single press of a button, from right where you are within iTunes Radio, Apple’s new streaming radio music app.

    Apple-iOS 7-AirDrop
    One of iOS 7’s hot new features is AirDrop, which makes it easier and faster for you to share files with family or friends who are in your immediate location.

    ”iOS 7 brings with it the most significant changes we’ve made to the user interface since the introduction of the very first iOS. To create it, we brought together a broad range of expertise—from design to engineering.”

    – Jony Ive, Apple Senior Vice President of Design

    With iOS 7 Apple once again demonstrates how they innovate and why everyone wants to be just like them.

  • Simplified Control: Get access to basic iPhone options with a swipe through the Control Center. Plus, users can access the Notification Center from a locked screen.
  • Smart Apps Apple’s App Store now contains more than 800,000 apps (plus lots of people who make apps for iPhone and iPad), it’s good that iOS 7 helps make multitasking easier, by making multiple app use more intuitive. iOS learns the apps you use the most and then automatically updates the content for those apps.
  • Photo Enhancements: A new palette of filters for use with Camera and the ability to switch modes on the fly.
  • Picture Books: Another new feature for photographers is in the Photos app, which will now use recorded information about when you shot the picture to organize your photos into collections, based on when they were taken. And thanks to iCloud photo sharing, friends and family can now easily contribute their photos or videos to your various collections.
  • ID Local Apps: Visiting Paris? Try the app for the Louvre museum, home of the Mona Lisa. Apps Near Me uses your GPS location to locate apps in your areas.
  • AirDrop: Share files with nearby iPhone users without “bumping” your phone.
  • Enhanced Security: Apple was applauded for it’s new iOS security feature that requires your Apple ID and password be entered before an iPhone’s Find My Phone feature can be shut down or the phone’s data erased.

    Apple-iOS 7-Apps Near Me
    Apps Near Me uses your location to serve up a selection of nearby apps.

    Update your iOS
    Apple is expected to continue making subtle refinements to iOS 7 before its official debut sometime this fall. (For example, LinkedIn might get the same type of system integration already promised for Twitter and Wikipedia.) But what we’ve seen already is enough to make us ready to immediately upgrade when iOS 7 is released.

    Right now, however, the only authorized users of iOS 7 are Apple developers, who updated their apps and are “test-driving” the new OS. In fact, reports have surfaced hinting that more developer personnel are checking out iOS 7 right now than regular Apple customers who are still using iOS 5.