Creating a Comic Book Superhero

By Vince Matthews

For filmmakers who are trying to re-imagine comic-book characters and help them keep up with the changing times, it can be hard working at a real film production studio, because they have to surprise the audience while not turning off lifelong fans. For Man of Steel, director Zac Snyder threw out some of the standard conventions that have been attached to Superman during his first 75 years.

Mild-Mannered Outfit
For the new blockbuster, Man of Steel, Superman’s distinctive costume has undergone a few changes. For starters, he’s missing his traditional red underpants. And this is the first time the actor’s costume isn’t made of a form-fitting fabric (Man of Steel‘s outfit is made from rubber). And the logo on his chest has also been revised. But the Superman infographic from reminds us this isn’t the first time that his outfit or the iconic “S” has changed…

75 Years of Superman-Logo-through-the-yearsEvolution of a hero: Superman’s iconic chest emblem through the ages.

There are two comic book fan camps—the art and graphic design camp says that it’s the art, layout and character design that make a comic book hero great, while the other camp says it’s the story. But both play equally important parts in creating a hero.