How Do You Get an Internship at Google?

By Vince Matthews

The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, tells the story of two guys who attempt to turn their lives (and careers) around with jobs at Google. The first step on the Google corporate ladder? An internship.

Google offers employees free use of Google bikes for campus travel. Other perks include free food, a fitness center, DVD rental and bike repairs. (Image: Digital Media Academy)

New Googlers, called Nooglers, are considered to be part of the Google team, just like regular employees. Interns work in all parts of the company, including marketing, systems and operations. As one Googler put it, “As a Google employee you can have a positive impact on the lives of others in a way that you just couldn’t accomplish on your own.”

With Google moving into businesses like transportation (driverless cars), Internet service (Google Fiber) and more, there’s a demand for top talent at the company—and no shortage of people interested in those jobs.

The Internship
Yearly, Google hires some 1,500 interns from a pool of 40,000 applicants. Recent announcements of Google’s restructuring under Alphabet, will bring more attention to the Silicon Valley company.

What’s it’s like to work as an intern at Google? Take a look:

Getting in at Google
There are lots of great jobs at Google and getting your foot in the door is easier than you think—if you prepare properly. For starters you should probably be learning how to develop for Google’s Android platform, or learning programming.

Google’s hiring process is very thorough. Candidates typically talk to a recruiter and several hiring managers at Google before they are hired. What is Google looking for in an employee? Problem-solvers, people who think outside the box and can get things done. But they’re also looking for people that know their products. If you’re interviewing for a technical role like a software engineer, you should be ready to answer high-level technical questions.

But like any job interview, you should demonstrate that you’re unique and bring some interesting skill sets to the table, like the time you accepted the challenge to build a robot using LEGOs or wrestled a bear. We don’t know if watching The Internship will help, but it can’t hurt.