How Many Downloads Has Minecraft® Had? 10 Million

By Phill Powell

As of Friday, April 5th, Minecraft® passed a major benchmark. On that date, the game—which is part game and part game maker—officially celebrated its 10 millionth download. And what’s more, that number doesn’t even take into account the Minecraft® games purchased for play on the Xbox 360.

Minecraft® lets players explore a virtual environment that they themselves can shape. The game is famous for the boxy look of its design, which pays tribute to the early days of the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

In addition, by early May, Mojang (the game’s Swedish developer) had announced that the pocket edition of Minecraft® had also hit the 10 millionth download mark. Minecraft: Pocket Edition® reached this milestone in less time; pretty amazing for a game built using Java.

The success of Minecraft has occurred quickly. Development of the game began in 2009; the full-version download has only been available since November 2011. In turn, Mojang became an overnight success story.
Recent Minecraft® Developments
In response to the wild demand for Minecraft®, Mojang has announced several updates:

  • Pocket Edition Updates Minecraft: Pocket Edition® will get functionality improvements, probably before the end of the May. One update will make it where you won’t have to exit to the Main Menu if you want to update your settings.
  • Mobile Enhancements Mojang has mentioned the possibility of adding new features specifically designed to assist those using a high-end mobile device to play Minecraft®.
  • Xbox 360 Update Mojang released an update to the Xbox 360 Edition in April.
  • Entering a New Realm Also in the works is Mojang’s Minecraft Realms project, a cloud-based service that lets players work together on shared projects without the hassle of needing to be online at the same time. Minecraft Realms will be made available as an app that can be purchased on an ongoing subscription basis.
  • 3D Printers & Minecraft And in the Cool Beyond Belief Department, there’s a service that enables players to make 3D-printed plastic versions of Minecraft® creations they design. It’s a Minecraft® server that turns user-designed creations into STL files, which can be fed into a 3D Printer to churn out all manner of Minecraft® designs.

The Game with No End
Minecraft® is now everywhere. There are even Minecraft® summer camps, like the one at Digital Media Academy, where aspiring game designers discover what makes Minecraft® tick, so they can build their own incredible games.