EA to Develop “Star Wars” Video Games

By Vince Matthews

It’s the biggest news to hit the “Star Wars” galaxy since J.J. Abrams was announced as the director for Star Wars: Episode VII: Electronic Arts will develop games based off the franchise for next-gen game consoles and PCs. The announcement was made Monday.

Electronic Arts continues to dominate top-tier franchises on video game consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

In an Electronic Arts Star Wars press release, EA’s President Frank Gibeau said, “The new experiences we create may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.” Not-so-good news for “Star Wars” fans that might be hoping games like the highly-anticipated Star War 1313 will get made.

“Every developer dreams of creating games for the ‘Star Wars’ universe,” said Gibeau. “Three of our top studios will fulfill that dream, crafting epic adventures for ‘Star Wars’ fans. DICE (Battlefield 3) and Visceral (Dead Space) will produce new games, joining the BioWare (Star Wars: The Old Republic) team which continues to develop for the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.” EA also said the Frostbite 3 engine, which is is being used to develop next-generation titles like Battlefield 4, will be used for every new “Star Wars” game.

Stars Wars 1313 (above) was targeted at older gamers, and showcased the vast “Star Wars” universe.

Disney, which purchased Lucasfilm last year, closed LucasArts in early April. A Disney executive told Game Informer at the time that “(moving away from) internal development to a licensing model, minimiz(es) the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality ‘Star Wars’ games.” Electronic Arts is said to have a multi-year deal with Disney.

EA won’t have total control over the “Star Wars” universe when it comes to video games, however. Disney will still retain the rights to develop and publish titles for mobile, social, tablet and online games.

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