DMA HOW-TO: Sampling in Logic Pro, Pt. 2

By Vince Matthews

Welcome back to Digital Media Academy’s HOW-TO series of instructional videos. In Part 2 of our HOW-TO on sampling, we delve deeper into the world of sampling, learning how to slice a sample into sections and map it to the keyboard to create interesting new patterns.


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Sampling In Logic Pro, Part 2:

What You’ll Learn in this Video:

  • How to cut a sample up into multiple pieces
  • How to use the sample editor
  • How to bounce and place samples
  • How to use transient markers
  • How to map individual samples to keyboard commands

    Learning More
    We hope you enjoyed Part 2 of this sampling HOW-TO. Be sure to refer back to Sampling in Logic Pro, Part 1 for further instruction. If you like what you saw, check out DMA’s Digital Audio, Music & Beat Production camp for teens or Adventures in Music & Beat Production camp for kids. Or for a totally immersive, two-week experience that will teach you about creating music and how to make a music video, discover the Academy for Music & Video Production, sponsored by the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. These next-generation music camps can help you get your foot in the door of the music industry.

    Learn more about this video’s host, DMA Instructor Tyler Winick.