How Much Does Iron Man’s Technology Cost?

By Vince Matthews

Tony Stark is the fictional CEO of Stark Enterprises, a high-tech corporation that is part Apple, part NASA, part Tesla Motors and part Google. Tony is the Steve Jobs and Walt Disney of the tech world and as the master of his domain, like Jobs and Disney, Stark gets to try out his toys. What guy wouldn’t want a pair of rocket-shoes or a computer-controlled house?

In the new film Iron Man 3, which releases May 3, we’ll be introduced to a whole new batch of Stark gadgets which help the inventor, engineer and entrepreneur fight terror. Being invincible ain’t cheap, though:


Making Iron Man Fly
To create the tech in Iron Man 3, it takes not just filmmakers but an army of creatives, too. Computer artists who know how to use Maya create the effects, while the tech is based on real engineering. For example, those rocket-boots are available for $3.8 million and Air Force pilots use holographic displays ($54 million) like the one in Iron Man’s helmet. Who would have thought those comic book heroes could help kids develop an interest in science and engineering?

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