Space Camp on the Moon: DMA’s New Lunar Location

By Phill Powell

This summer don’t just learn about space; live in it at DMA’s new space camp on the Moon. This is a tech camp that is truly out-of-this-world.

That’s right—this summer kids and teens age 6 to 17 will spend two weeks boldly going where few have dared to go before…at DMA’s incredible Lunar 1 tech camp. Located at Aitken Basin, at the South Pole of the moon and just inside the Moon’s largest crater, DMA’s Space Explorers program will offer campers the time of their lives.

As campers learn about gravity and weightlessness first-hand, they’ll also enjoy collecting rock samples using guided lunar rovers built by campers in the Lunar Engineering program.

A DMA location scout checks out the new, cutting-edge Lunar 1 tech camp.

Space has never been so much fun to explore or so safe! Thanks to a new Enviro-shield DMA worked with NASA to install on the Moon, astrocampers will be able to remove their helmet and breathe oxygen for the first time ever on the lunar surface.

The Enviro-shield will also protect campers from harmful solar flares and asteroids. “We’re really excited to be able to offer this kind of program,” says April Oul, DMA’s Astro Outreach Director. “These days, young people demand an unforgettable experience, and this camp really delivers.”

Lunar Camps Extras
DMA is proud to be the first tech camp on the Moon, and Lunar 1’s features will really send campers into orbit:

  • Upon arrival at DMA’s Moon base, each astrocamper receives an “out-of-this-world” gift bag which includes a new, special-edition Apple® iSpacePhone and DMA Lunar 1 “hoodie”
  • NASA-certified instructors
  • Each astrocamper gets to use DMA’s lunar rover to explore the Moon
  • All the freeze-dried astronaut ice cream you can eat

DMA’s staff will make sure astrocampers not only learn the basics of surviving in space, like docking procedures; oxygen-supply controls; decontamination protocols; food storage and preparation procedures; heating and cooling controls; electronics and communications systems…but also important waste-elimination protocols.

Make the Most of Your Summer
Maybe you won’t be able to get to the Moon this summer. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from making it an unforgettable summer. DMA’s earth-bound tech camps are the best on the planet and filling fast!