Toon Boom Partners with DMA: Students Get Award-Winning Animation Software

By Phill Powell

If you’ve ever watched “The Simpsons” or “SpongeBob SquarePants,” you’ve seen Toon Boom Studio™ in action. The award-winning animation software is used by everyone from Disney to Warner Brothers to create hit TV shows, as well as many animated feature films.

The Simpsons is just one of many animated cartoons made with the help of Toon Boom Studio™. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

In fact, Toon Boom Studio™ is used by professional animators working in all aspects of the entertainment industry—including movies, animated films and video games. It’s also used by Digital Media Academy to teach student campers how to make animated movies. As part of DMA’s ongoing commitment to offer the world’s best tech camp experience, we’re proud to announce a partnership with Toon Boom®.

Partners in Animation
Featured in DMA’s animation camps Toon Boom Studio™ helps animators bring art to life. And thanks to the partnership between Toon Boom® and DMA, students can keep on creating cutting-edge animation long after camp has ended.

Student campers in DMA’s Adventures in Cartoon Creation and Adventures in Animation camps this summer will each receive a full copy of the software to take home following their week at camp.

DMA offers 10 different animation courses, for all ages and skill levels, and uses Toon Boom Studio™ to teach kids and teens the way the industry animates. Kids in the Adventures in Animation camp make characters out of clay and create “humanimations,” where they’re the star as well as the animator. And at the end of camp, each student takes home a full copy of the latest version of Toon Boom Studio™ (a $329 value), so they can keep on creating.

An Animated Experience
For more than 10 years, DMA has been equipping creative young people with the technological skills to express themselves in an increasingly complex digital world. This summer DMA offers tech camps on some of North America’s most prestigious college campuses. DMA’s immersive approach combines compelling teaching from industry insiders with the latest software and technology tools. The end result is the perfect tech camp experience, rich in project-based achievement but balanced with fun recreational activities.