The World’s Best One-Week Surf Camp

By Phill Powell

Like a rare and perfect wave, Digital Media Academy’s totally unique Surfing & Filmmaking camp takes place during only one week out of the year. This year, that golden, action-packed week is July 29th through August 2nd at DMA’s UC San Diego surfing camp.

And what a week it is—the coolest camp of its kind offered on either coast. Surfing San Diego’s world-famous beaches in the morning…while shooting awesome surf video with professional Canon cameras. Then using today’s top editing software during the afternoons to turn that footage into your very own action reel.

“Surfing in San Diego every morning was a completely different lifestyle from the one I usually live in New York City. DMA was a great experience!” — Gabriella, DMA Surfing & Filmmaking Student

The Perfect Summer Day at DMA
An average day at surf camp:

• Wake up and start your day.
• Smell the air! The mighty Pacific Ocean and the scenic beaches of sunny San Diego are just feet away.
• Eat breakfast. Then head out with your surfboard and video camera. The mission: To surf—and shoot video footage of the action.
• Learn the basics of surfing from experts while enjoying the waves on one of the world’s best beaches.
• When you’re not busy surfing, you’re shooting video using professional HD cameras to capture the fun.
• Did somebody say lunch?!
• After a great meal, it’s time to head to the classroom studio for an editing session.
• Using Final Cut Pro®, perfect your own editing style while shaping the ultimate surfing video. You’ll take home your finished production to show family and friends.
• Late afternoon. Dinner and afterward…and some fun evening activities to wrap up the big day.

Beyond the Beach
Why does DMA offer an amazing surf camp like this? The answer is simple: Digital Media Academy is committed to providing kids and teens dynamic, world-class educational camp experiences both in the classroom and out. And DMA strives for a balance of both in-class time and time outdoors in all of our kids and teen camps.

Surfing & Filmmaking is only offered one week in 2013 but DMA conducts many other unique film camps at UCSD, like animation and music-video production. In fact, DMA’s UCSD program features lots of other great camps, including game design, robotics, music production, app development, photography, animation and Web design. If it’s creative and hi-tech, you’ll find it here!