Meet the Next Great Engineers

By Phill Powell

Name: Koa L., Kaipo L.
Age: 10, 8
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Future Occupation: Scientist, Musician (drummer), Architect or Designer
Course: Adventures in Science & Engineering
Campus: UCLA

Summer camp is an experience that only gets better when you bring family and friends along. Take, for example, these two brothers who attended Digital Media Academy’s tech camp at UCLA in 2012.

Koa’s parents know that investing in their kids at an early age gives them a head start on tomorrow.

Koa and Kaipo both spent a week at a brand new kids camp based around science and engineering. DMA’s tech camps support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) skill sets, and that’s great news to parents since the Department of Labor estimates there will be 1.2 million STEM jobs available in the next 5 years.

What isn’t such great news is that there aren’t enough skilled graduates to fill those jobs!

This is where DMA comes in. We help provide kids and teens the tools to make STEM subjects not only interesting but a possible career path. For kids like Koa and Kaipo, they get the real-world experience—and get to show off what they’ve learned to friends and family at the end of the week. We caught up these two aspiring engineers after their DMA summer:

What do you want to be?
Koa: “When I grow up, I might be a drummer, an architect or a designer.”

Kaipo: “Someday I want to be a scientist because I want to create something useful.”

What did you learn at DMA and what did you enjoy about the Adventures in Science & Engineering camp?
Koa: “I learned how circuits work, Bernoulli’s Principle of Flight, and Programming. You know, science and stuff. I also learned cartooning, like how comics are set up and how to create basic animation. Another thing I learned was architecture, where I did stuff like make a bridge out of popsicle sticks and design my dream house on a website.”

Kaipo: “My favorite part was solar energy because we got to learn about how sun beams power solar panels.”

How did DMA inspire you?
Koa: I play with LEGOs (at home) and build on Minecraft®. I got inspired by designing my dream house. I want to be an architect some day.”

Kaipo: “DMA inspired me to be a scientist because I did a lot of fun stuff in science and engineering.”

DMA’s Adventures courses lay the groundwork for students to develop a passion for subjects they experience in places outside of the classroom.

What was your most memorable camp moment?
Koa: “My favorite moment was when we built solar-powered cars and we learned about solar energy. It was really fun and I especially enjoyed racing the solar cars!”
Kaipo: “My favorite time was when we built water rockets. It was fun to make them and shoot them.”

DMA inspires students in the classroom to make each activity an enjoyable experience. Launching bottle rockets is a perfect example of having fun while learning!

Are you interested in attending DMA camp this coming summer?
Koa: “Yes!”

Kaipo: “We want to come back to UCLA.”

What DMA program will you take this time?
Koa: “I want to take the Adventures in Science & Engineering program again.”

Kaipo: “3D Video Game Creation.”

We’re excited that Koa and Kaipo are returning to DMA. Concepts like solar-powered cars and engineering don’t have to be out of reach to kids. In fact, they’re more accessible than ever. DMA offers a variety of STEM-related camps and courses that will inspire the future engineer in your home.