Meet the Next Great Multimedia Artist

By Phill Powell

Name: Dhruva S.
Age: 6
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Future Occupation: Artist, Scientist
Course: Jr. Adventures in Art & Digital Photography
Campus: UCLA

“Digital Media Academy inspired me to be creative.”

What do you want to be?
“I want to be an artist and a scientist someday. I want to be the one who discovers things that we don’t know yet!”

What did you learn at DMA?
“I learned about abstract art, how to use water colors, photography, editing and enhancing photos.”

What was your most memorable camp moment?
“I really liked painting, sketching, coloring and making interesting photo edits, like upside-down pictures.”

Are you hoping to attend DMA again next summer?

Dhruva’s favorite artist? Georgia O’Keefe. He loves her 1928 work “Calla Lilies with Red Anemone.”

For budding young artists who want to learn how to paint (both on canvas and the digital screen) at a next generation art camp, DMA offers a variety of cool courses.