DMA Studios Expands Offering

By Vince Matthews

Last year Digital Media Academy revolutionized film camps by introducing a unique filmmaking program – DMA Studios: Film Production camp gathered students with a passion for filmmaking and previous filmmaking experience and placed them into a real-world movie studio environment.

On the set of DMA Studios: Film Production at the Stanford University campus studio.

DMA Studios gave the future Steven Spielberg’s a comprehensive look behind the scenes of moviemaking. Campers worked in dedicated production crew on the production of short film. The film, a 60 Minutes parody, received critical acclaim and thousands of views on Youtube.

New for 2012
For summer 2012, DMA will apply the wildly popular DMA Studios formula to two of today’s hottest technical arenas: app development for the iPhone and iPad and 3D game production. Again the shared goal of campers will be to successfully merge their respective talents and join together as a production team to produce an actual product at the end of the two-week experience.

In the App Development for the iPhone and iPad DMA Studios program, campers will work in unison to develop a fully functioning iPhone or iPad game using Objective C language and Apple’s SDK. Students will not only develop the graphics for their game, but even write their own 2D game-engine code.

As part of the DMA Studios: 3D Game Production course, DMA campers will utilize industry-standard software such as Autodesk Maya, Unity and the Unreal Development Kit. Teams will concentrate on specific aspects of design, such as level creation, character development and 3D modeling. By the end of the course, these future game developers will have amassed a huge skill set and will also receive a copy of the game they help create.

Getting into the Studio
The DMA Studios program is open to all student campers age 15 and up, but it’s especially recommended for teens that already possess a demonstrated talent and obvious passion for working filmmaking, game design or app development – and want to experience what it’s like to work in a real development studio.