Compressing & Uploading Video for iPods, iTunes and YouTube

By schao

iDevices (iPhones, iPads, iPods) are some of the most popular portable devices on the planet. And we’re not only using them to listen to music and take phone calls. Amazingly watching video accounts for almost 50% of the iDevice usage.

Learn how to get video on your iDevice with this quick tutorial, courtesy of the good folks at Creative Cow.

Broadcasting Yourself
Video podcasting is a popular way to provide presentations these days, but most people think it’s a complicated process to get video onto a iDevice. But it’s not as hard as you think. Transferring video files into the portable format is relatively easy.

Final Cut is used primarily to edit video, it can also be used to compress video. You can also use Youtube to upload video and broadcast yourself. Youtube’s steps to upload video are easy to follow. Youtube offers great functionality too – you can drag and drop videos onto the page, or click Select files from your computer to begin. once you’ve started an upload there are a variety of options, like sharing and setting a thumbnail are available too. Annotations are also just one click away.