DMA’s Next Generation Music Camp

By Seamus Harte

Kids love technology and Digital Media Academy gives them an opportunity to get hands-on experience with it every summer. Kids aged 6-12 or teens aged 12-18 can make a movie using professional grade HD videocameras or make video games using the same tools as award-winning game creators currently working in the games industry.

Digital Media Academy’s summer camps are held on campuses of popular universities across the US and Canada. Here instructor Tyler Winick helps students create a hit single using Apple’s Logic software.

At DMA’s technology camp (which is held on the campus of prestigious universities like Harvard, UCLA or the University of Toronto), students learn what it takes to make professional grade digital media.

Making Beats
In the Digital Audio, Music & Beat Production program, teens explore the process of making music. Everything from making bass lines to modifying sounds and using those sounds to create catchy melodies is covered. Starting with the basics of recording and editing, students learn the concepts of songwriting and arrangement.

Tyler Winick is an instructor for DMA, in the off season, he’s also a producer for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and has worked with music artists like and the Black Eyed Peas. “I love working with major artists, but I love working with kids at DMA too.

Students learn how to create beats that sound just as good as a professional artist using state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Kids imaginations and their outlook on this world is so refreshing in comparison to the box most adults put their brains in.”

This summer Tyler is teaching Digital Audio, Music & Beat Production at DMA’s Stanford University location. “I enjoy the fact that this course shakes your brain to think of everything from producing music to writing lyrics. I think the campers are going to have a ball and come up with some really creative projects.”