Come Together: Music & Video Production Course

By Seamus Harte

A productive relationship between the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and Digital Media Academy is what gave birth to the idea DMA’s Come Together: Music and Video Production course.

Creativity Made Easy
To be sure, for a student coming into that summer course without any prior experience it might be intimidating to think about having to write your own song and shoot a music video in just one week. But in fact, it’s anything but intimidating. The technology on board the bus makes it easy to achieve a quick turnaround along with high production values.

A Weeklong Opportunity to Make Magic
The Lennon Bus typically works on a project with students for just 8 hours. But at DMA tech camps, you get a whole week for musical exploration! By the end of the week, students are seeing their musical ideas come to life, while they’re hatching new ideas for music and/or music videos.

Make It Happen!
Here is just one sample music video project I just worked on with students on the Lennon Bus in just an 8-hour work day. Check it out and I hope to see you in a music-video production class this summer at DMA!