The 10 Best Academic Programs for Documentary Filmmakers

By Seamus Harte

It’s great when people recognize you for something you enjoy doing and do well. Digital Media Academy has once again been recognized for its world-class filmmaking program.

documentary_filmmaking_DMARamp up your documentary filmmaking work by taking a Digital Media Academy course in the subject.

Digital Media Academy’s Documentary Filmmaking camp teaches future (and existing) filmmakers how to use the medium of film to tell a story. With instructors that are both award-winning filmmakers and educators with working experience in the industry, DMA’s filmmaking course gives you the chance to get first-hand experience from professionals.

10 Best Documentary Filmmaking Programs
Ranked as one of the 10 Best Academic Programs for Documentary Filmmakers (according to The Independent magazine), DMA is in good company. Universities like Stanford, NYU, and George Washington U also made the list:

  • The Documentary Center at George Washington University
  • University of Florida – The Documentary Institute
  • Maine Media Workshops’ Documentary Filmmaking Courses
  • Stanford University – Documentary Film and Video
  • Digital Media Academy’s Documentary Filmmaking Camp
  • Duke Center for Documentary Studies
  • The New School – Documentary Media Studies
  • UC Berkeley School of Journalism
  • Ryerson University – Documentary Media
  • New York Film Academy’s Documentary Filmmaking Conservatory
  • Digital Media Academy doesn’t offer a Master’s Degree for attending filmmaking camps, but does offer professional, top-notch instruction. In fact, DMA has been cited for it’s ability to provide a “quick but comprehensive taste of the craft.”

    If you’re about to or have graduated high school and are thinking about attending a four-year college to pursue a career in moviemaking, you should check out DMA. It will help you get a head start on making your passion your career.

    DMA works with students in the field and in the editing classroom, to teach the techniques that real filmmakers use. Filmmakers can immediately apply what they learn to make their productions better.

    Check out the Independent’s list of The 10 Best Academic Programs for Documentary Filmmakers.