Making a Documentary Film at Digital Media Academy

By Vince Matthews

DMA’s documentary courses draw a wide range of students. Some from careers in education, others are budding directors with documentaries of their own already in the works, and others from organizations that need to harness the power of media to tell a story.

Some students are even older teenagers that know they want a career in filmmaking and want to learn from the very best. What they all have in common though is a passion for the craft of filmmaking and a desire to understand how to make an effective documentary.

Documentary filmmaking students—both young and old—learn the techniques of professional filmmakers.

Telling a Story Through Film
The fascinating thing about documentary filmmaking is that every filmmakers background offers a unique perspective on filmmaking. Whatever their background the major question inevitably returns to the story, what visual style will you create, and how to create the film character. Learning film production is essential to this process.

How do you find documentary topics that tell the story you feel is most important to your vision? How do you strategically plan production in a way that allows your most compelling stories to develop in a visual way? What are the tools you draw upon once we figure out the story you want to tell? In documentary filmmaking, the breadth of possible applications offers countless possibilities on form, style and approach.

From Education to Production
Documentary films have many applications. Breaking down the tools and approaches for development, production and post-production is a powerful way to harness the potential of media for whatever the purpose. From education through production to social action, finding the narrative and pieces to drive your story is key.

DMA’s Documentary Filmmaking Pro Series course provides hands-on production experience, film study and hands-on editing using Final Cut Pro. DMA gives you the tools to bring your stories to life.