Digital Photography and Photoshop Summer Camp: Taking Photography Skills to the Next Level

By Phill Powell

DMA provides something for everyone but we’re most excited when we provide a platform for a career or educational path for a student. Students from all over the globe visit DMA every year and those student campers get many things from DMA…like a fast track to college.

Tilt-shift photography is just one of the many techniques photogs learn at DMA.

Getting Accepted
College applications are probably one of the most stressful times of a teenagers life. At DMA we try to help with this process however we can, for example, DMA instructors can provide recommendations for college applications but the project work students complete while at DMA can also really help impact a college application.

In fact, many DMA alumni have told us that the skills they learned at DMA helped them get into college. With alumni going on to UC film school and other great instituions of higher learning.

DMA provides a place where students can develop a professional body of work that could help them start a career, a business or even get into the college of their dreams. Recently we got an email from a high school student that followed her passion for photography, taking Digital Media Academy’s Introduction to Digital Photography and Photoshop summer camp course:

“I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the school of Photographic Arts and Imaging at the Rochester Institute of Technology!” For those not familiar with RIT, it is one of the top three photography schools in the world. This student used a portion of her portfolio from her Digital Media Academy photography camp for her college submission.

Skills for Any Scenario
With over ten different photography camps and photography pro courses, DMA offers a photography course for every age and skill set. Covering everything from outdoor portraits, close-ups, tilt-shift & macro photography. What’s tilt-shift photography? We can teach you! Want to know what a the difference between f-stops and auto focus? DMA can teach you that too.