Editing in the Real World

By Instructor

By Jenn Garrison, Filmmaking for Teens/Adults and Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Instructor

I have been teaching for DMA for almost 6 years now!

Wow! I always love the experience of working with the enthusiastic students that come to the variety of DMA classes I teach. I primarily teach Final Cut Pro courses as well as narrative film-making for both adults and teens.

When I am not teaching for DMA, I continue to shoot my own projects as well as teach and edit projects for some of the major studios here in Los Angeles.

I’ve taught editors how to use Final Cut Pro at Paramount, Sony and even NBC/Universal.
Over the fall, and currently, I have been cutting webisodes for networks like NBC/Universal and Mun2.

I love bringing samples of my professional work into the classroom when I teach, to better show my students what I face in the “real-reel” world media making environment.   Some students want to pursue careers in Hollywood, some just want to make their vision come across the screen.  Either way, I am there to help them however I can.

For this blog, I wanted to share some examples from one of the more recent editing I’ve done.
They are nothing fancy, and something that anyone who learns Final Cut Pro in DMA’s courses can certainly tackle.  Enjoy!

Docusodes (a new genre for the web) created for NBC’s new show “Parenthood”

~ Jenn Garrison