DMA Makes the Best Music Camp Even Better

By Philip Harding

Digital Media Academy has again partnered with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus to bring a very unique and amazing experience to kids and teens this summer. The Academy for Music & Video Production: Come Together, course offers students a chance to get hands-on experience with professional video and sound equipment to make their very own music video.

A Digital Media Academy student music video produced in the Come Together: Music & Video Production camp.

Originally called Come Together: Music & Video Production, the course has been improved with student feedback to make it the ultimate music and video experience. In this music camp kids and teens learn the basics of music production from instructors with real-world music production experience. For anyone interested in learning more about how music is made it’s the experience of a lifetime.

Making Music in the Digital Age
“During the first year, three groups of four or five students, from all different backgrounds, got together recorded a song and made a music video,” Travis Schlafmann, the instructor that helped launch the course for DMA, gives an account of the experience. “I remember the class being pretty awesome…The first 2 days were spent learning Logic, recording songs, using loops, and mixing down the songs. When the songs were complete, the students learned camera operation.” In addition to learning how to operate a video camera, they learned how to bring all the elements together in editing using Final Cut Pro and author a DVD with DVD Studio Pro.

“The footage the students shot was amazing and in some cases, down right hilarious,” Travis recalls, “The end result was amazing! We screened all the student projects for family and friends. Everyone was blown away! I had a blast watching students create such amazing projects in such a short amount of time.” All the student videos—including music were produced in just a weeks time.

Students learned not only learned how to make videos but how songs are recorded using a Roland drum kit and midi controllers (that trigger the software instruments within Logic Studio Pro).

Making the Best Even Better
With feedback from students and parents the class was revised and improved to offer an even better experience and expose kids and teens to even more music skills. Check out these other cool videos made by DMA students: